Employee Invention Law

Employee invention law is a very important field of law for innovative enterprises in Germany. The balance between a company’s interests in an unrestricted use of the inventions made in the company and the employees’ interests in receiving recognition for their inventiveness and creativeness is complex, in particular under German employee invention law.

We advise and represent our clients in all aspects of the claiming of and remuneration of employees’ inventions.

In particular, we advise on the structuring, improvement and practical implementation of remuneration and incentive systems. Moreover, we represent clients in disputes both on questions of assignments of inventions as well as issues of remuneration.

Due to our years of experience in the international environment, we are able to consider the foreign employee invention systems, which are often substantially different, and develop solutions compatible on an international scale.

Our lawyers are extensively involved in the development of employee invention law, in particular with the work on one of the leading legal text commentaries in this this area as well as other publications.