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Protect Creative Individuals

Creative achievements deserve protection. In the digital age, enterprises are facing new challenges when it comes to protecting copyrighted works.

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We assist you in combating unfair imitations and unauthorized distribution of your works, while also providing support in maximizing the commercial exploitation of your creations.

Copyright protection also has its limits. We protect creators, licensees and other users and exploiters from unauthorized infringement if limits are exceeded.

We have in-depth industry knowledge and many years of experience, particularly in the business areas of furniture design, fashion, music and software.

Creative Advice

Benefit from your creative achievements and monetize your work. We specialize in handling complex legal relationships and diverse exploitation chains.

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We creatively draft contracts and create the best legal framework for the exploitation of copyright. We ensure that new business models are legally secure.

Our world is digital and so are we. We have the technical expertise and legal knowledge to help you get the most out of your projects, whether they involve digital content or other realization opportunities.

In contract negotiations with your business partners, we provide professionalism, strategic insight, assertiveness, and expertise.

Attack and Defense

Copyright enforcement requires a combination of attack and defense. We have the right tactics.

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Copyright litigation is our core competence. We strategically use all procedural possibilities to enforce your claims or defend your rights. Sometimes it is wiser to settle a dispute out of court. We recognize such cases and guide them to a solution that preserves your resources.

Whether it be a warning letter, interim injunction or court action: We work with our clients to determine the best strategy and implement it in a targeted manner.

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On the subject: From our IP blog

The Super Sports Year 2024 — On Your Marks, Get Set, “Ambush”!
Ruven Appelkamp

The year 2024 not only provides an extra day in February, but above all one thing: sports, sports and more sports. Germany is host to two major sporting events: the European Men's Handball Championship and the European Men's Soccer Championship, making it a year filled with thrilling athletic spectacles. Then there is the European Women's Handball Championship, taking place inter alia in Switzerland and Austria, and of course the Summer Olympics in Paris. As always, numerous companies are ready and waiting to benefit from the pulling effect of such major events. Reason enough for us to shed some light on what you need to bear in mind with event-related advertising measures and what obstacles need to be overcome when it comes to so-called “ambush” marketing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Frida Felixmüller, who joined us during her legal clerkship, for her great support with this article.

Three reasons for choosing HARTE-BAVENDAMM

Proven excellence

Satisfied clients, numerous top-tier rankings, major professional publications, extensive litigation experience: intellectual property law is our core competence.

IP is our passion

We represent your interests with ingenuity and dedication. We protect your intellectual property and develop creative strategies. Complex cases are our strength.

Your unwavering advocates

As a reliable partner, we provide our clients with resolute, poised, and effective guidance. In challenging conflict scenarios, our team is well aware that cooler heads always prevail and excel at delivering valuable and advantageous solutions to our clients.