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IT Projects

We support you with your innovative IT projects by drafting and negotiating the necessary project, development and licensing agreements for you and with you.

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Our focus is on your business interests. We have a deep understanding of the technical background and the legal options. We ensure that new business models are legally secure.

During contract negotiations with your business partners, we offer professionalism, strategic thinking, assertiveness and expertise.

Software, Internet of Things and AI

We monitor new technical developments and categorise them from a legal perspective. We keep an eye on proposed legislation. The future is now.

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Companies encounter numerous legal challenges when utilising AI and the Internet of Things. Our team possesses the technical expertise, commercial awareness and legal knowledge to guide you through complex and new areas of IT law.

On the subject: From our IP blog

Trademark Infringement in the Metaverse: Understanding Jurisdiction
Michael Wittlinger

In the ever-evolving digital landscape of the metaverse, trademark protection takes on new dimensions. In our new blogpost, we explore the complexities of international jurisdiction in trademark infringement cases within the literally borderless world of the metaverse. Unravel the complexities of legal boundaries in this virtual realm and learn how to navigate them to safeguard your brand.

Trademark Infringements in the Metaverse – Applicable Law
Cathérine Elkemann

In the metaverse, a digital world beyond conventional ideas, companies are facing new challenges in the area of trademark law. Our new blog post looks at the relevance of trademark protection in this virtual reality. Given the global reach of the metaverse, we discuss complex questions regarding the applicability of national laws in the event of trademark infringement. Companies will receive practical advice on how to protect their brands in this digital dimension. Ready to jump into the metaverse? We provide you with legal support.

Three reasons for HARTE-BAVENDAMM

Proven excellence

Satisfied clients, numerous top-tier rankings, major publications, extensive litigation experience: intellectual property law is our core competence.

IP is our passion

We represent your interests with ingenuity and dedication. We protect your intellectual property and develop creative strategies. Complex cases are our strength.

Consistently in your interest

As a strong partner, we advise our clients decisively, confidently and effectively. Even in tense conflict situations, our team always keeps a cool head and finds convincing solutions.