Law firm for sales and contracts

Increase Brand Value and Sales Success

We provide comprehensive advice to brand owners on distribution law, help to strengthen brands, maintain their integrity, and ensure distribution success.

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As part of our services to trademark owners, we also specialize in distribution law, including distribution antitrust law.

Smart distribution agreements and well thought-out distribution systems help maintain brand strength over time, ensure sales opportunities, and secure the price premium that you deserve. Our team understands the key factors and creates contracts that are both effective and durable.

Designing Contracts, Securing Room for Manoeuvre

You can rely on us for the drafting of licensing, distribution or franchise agreements.

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We have extensive experience in drafting IP-related contracts and can help you maximise the value of your brands, designs and franchise systems

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Three reasons for HARTE-BAVENDAMM

Proven excellence

Satisfied clients, numerous top-tier rankings, major publications, extensive litigation experience: intellectual property law is our core competence.

IP is our passion

We represent your interests with ingenuity and dedication. We protect your intellectual property and develop creative strategies. Complex cases are our strength.

Consistently in your interest

As a strong partner, we advise our clients decisively, confidently and effectively. Even in tense conflict situations, our team always keeps a cool head and finds convincing solutions.