Law firm for trade secrets

Create Prerequisites for Protection

Know-how is one of a enterprise's most valuable assets. Protect it effectively and comprehensively against theft and misuse.

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Inadequate protection of trade secrets can lead to a complete denial of protection during a lawsuit. We work with you to assess your security needs and develop a strategy to protect your trade secrets.

Trade secret protection has been a core area of our practice for many years. As the editor of one of the leading legal treatises on trade secret law, Prof. Dr. Henning Harte-Bavendamm knows all about the pitfalls of trade secret protection.

We also keep an eye on related employment and IT law issues.

Enforce Trade Secret Protection

We fight passionately in court to protect your know-how and prosecute breaches of confidentiality.

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In infringement proceedings, you need to prove that you have taken appropriate confidentiality measures to protect your trade secrets. We help you document all the steps you need to take to protect your rights from the outset.

We also provide defense if you are accused of disclosing confidential information. In such cases, we strategically utilize all available procedural tactics to challenge the enforcement of claims against you.

Contract Drafting

Improperly drafted confidentiality clauses in employment contracts or non-disclosure agreements can quickly render them ineffective. Avoid this mistake.

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We assist you in the careful drafting of NDAs and confidentiality clauses and, if necessary, enforce them for you in court.

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Three reasons for choosing HARTE-BAVENDAMM

Proven excellence

Satisfied clients, numerous top-tier rankings, major professional publications, extensive litigation experience: intellectual property law is our core competence.

IP is our passion

We represent your interests with ingenuity and dedication. We protect your intellectual property and develop creative strategies. Complex cases are our strength.

Your unwavering advocates

As a reliable partner, we provide our clients with resolute, poised, and effective guidance. In challenging conflict scenarios, our team is well aware that cooler heads always prevail and excel at delivering valuable and advantageous solutions to our clients.