Pharmaceutical Law

The legal advice with respect to the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is subject to constant change resulting from continuously changing medical, economic and health-political framework conditions. In this highly complex area, we advise, in taking a multi-disciplinary approach, not only in traditional pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical advertising law, but likewise comprehensively in the area of medical device law, trademark and unfair competition law as well as on licensing and distribution.

Our clients include not only international and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, but also manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, cosmetics and dietetic foods. Our counselling starts already in the run-up. We assist our clients in the medical legal review and in the implementation of compliance programs related to the conception, development and review of promotional materials. It continues with the legal representation. We represent clients in disputes with competitors or competition associations both out-of-court and, if no mutually acceptable solution can be found, in court litigation.