Court litigation between contract partners or competitors cannot always be avoided.
We advise our clients already in the run-up of potential disputes. And we strive to utilize our experience, knowledge, and strategic analytical capabilities to best possibly prevent and minimize typical risks through particularly prudent contract drafting and meticulous assessment of the relevant facts. By well-reasoned arrangements on the applicable law, legal venue or alternative dispute resolution our client’s position can be improved significantly.

Litigious disputes not only are subject to inherent financial uncertainties for the parties involved. But they can often compromise corporate reputation and confidence of customers and business partners. We therefore provide advice without losing sight of the possibility of out-of-court settlements. And we take into account the strategies to deal with legal disputes in corporate communications and to navigate related media effects.

Our litigation group has a wealth of experience, particularly in litigating intellectual property and unfair competition law cases in summary and regular proceedings. But product liability cases and damages actions in the field of cartel law infringements are likewise noteworthy.

We have successfully represented providers of medical products, cigarette manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies in complex product liability lawsuits. Such matters are often characterized by claims being brought in parallel by multiple plaintiffs. We have extensive experience in efficiently handling mass litigation. And we use internet-based databases to ensure smooth exchange of information.

Damages actions in cartel cases can put defendants at major financial risks. Often there is a threat of joint and several liability. Plaintiffs try to marshal a high number of alleged claims to increase the risks of litigation. This raises complex questions about international jurisdiction and applicable law. Our experience builds on litigating such cases before the German courts as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. Often potential antitrust damage cannot be determined and quantified without expert economic evidence; we have long-term experience in working with industry-recognized experts.