Transactional IP

These days, intellectual property rights have become extremely important in transactions. Technology-driven businesses get the upper hand in terms of brand value. Innovative technology pushes the companies’ value.

To us supporting transactions is not tiring data room drudgery but top-quality and focused advisory work centering on the value of intellectual property rights including their legal appropriation, their validity and their legal enforceability. Moreover, supporting transaction means well-founded advice to the client, in particular with regards to the client’s own business models and their compatibility with third parties’ intellectual property rights.

Outstanding support in transactions is first of all a question of quality. Core capabilities are experience in transaction business and legal expertise. We are proud to offer both to our clients.

Our lawyers have proven their capabilities in a huge number of national and international transactions. Our clients benefit from the experience our lawyers gathered in many years of practice in international law firms.

Contrary to pure transactional firms, we have extensive litigation experience, obtained and consolidated steadily in thousands of court cases and cases in the patent and trademark offices. We are convinced that a well-founded assistance in transactions requires this litigation experience. Lawyers advising in transactions need to know the practical risks of enforcement and defense by heart and based on own experience. This experience sets us apart from less specialized firms.