Together with new business models in the media sector also media law has sustainably developed further.
Particularly, the globalization and digitization of media content lead to completly new challenges in German and European law.

We advise publishers and broadcasters, but also those affected by media coverage on matters of press law, on the one hand, and protection of personal rights on the other. In proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, we have obtained landmark judgments for clients from the publishing industry that have strengthened the freedom of the press and led to a significant change in German case law. Another focus of our legal practice lies on online media law and, amongst others, related legal questions on search engine marketing, digital exploitation of copyrighted works, branded entertainment, must-carry rules in the broadcasting law and resulting from telemedia, minor and data protection law.

Almost all national regulations in this field follow from harmonized European law. In numerous proceedings before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, we could carry through an interest-oriented interpretation of EU law and obtain judgments that favour our clients